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Virovitica International Music Meeting

June 22nd – 25th, 2022.

Virovitica International Music Meeting, designed in cooperation with the Jan Vlašimsky School of Music, is aimed at the clarinetists, irrespective of their age. The idea of this international music event is bringing together clarinetist players with their individual programs, in order to increase popularity and demonstrate subtlety of this magnificent instrument.

The music workshop is designed to last for four days. The emphasis will be on individual work and preparation for the competition.
Attendees will be able to participate in chamber ensembles and orchestral playing. During the seminar, a workshop for repairing instruments will be organized, as well as a presentation room where participants can buy various clarinet related products.

Do not miss this unique event! Be a part in the joint development of our knowledge and skills.

Looking forward to seeing you in Virovitica!

New in 2022: workshop for bass clarinet and modern playing techniques by Stephan Vermeersch!

… and win valuable prizes from our sponsors:

Buffet Crampon clarinet E11
Silverstein Cryo4 and Hexa ligatures
Johannes Gleischweit mouthpieces
Selmer double box for clarinet set
Royal Global barrels
Soundtech vouchers
D’Adarrio packages
“Es mol” barrel

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Visiting lecturers

Abdul Aziz Husein

Abdul Aziz Husein

Instruments maintenance

Marina Matolić

Marina Matolić


Tomaž Kmetič

Tomaž Kmetič

Orchestra conductor and sales

Our sponsors

Buffet Crampon
Royal Global