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Course & competition


Course is designed for clarinetists of all ages who want to improve the techniques of playing, and the skill of the occurrence and competitions. During the five days we will try, in addition to work on the basic techniques of breathing, position your mouth and chest techniques, instruct students in the art of performing and teach them how to cope with the psychological challenges that carry the performances and competitions. Besides individual participants will continue to work in chamber ensembles. At the end of the lessons learned will be able to show the final concert, and those who so desire will be able to compete and win valuable prizes.


The first edition of the Giovanni Cavallin clarinet competition

The competition is open exclusively to seminar attendees for their improvement. The competitors will compete in three categories:

  • 1. category: primary school attendants
  • 2. category: high school attendants
  • 3. category: music academy undergraduates and graduates

Competitors in each category will perform one or more pieces of the overall length of up to 10 min. Playing buy heart is not obligatory and the piano will be in charge of official accompanist. Official accompanist: Marina Matolić

Time and place:

June 21st – 25th, 2024.

Music School Jan Vlašimsky

Antun Mihanović Street 21,

33000, Croatia

Phone: +385 33 721 910


  • Registration fee is 160 €
  • Passive participation in the seminar is 60 €

The number of participants is limited so applications will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications can also be sent electronically with scanned payment slip.